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 The company was established in 1958 by Theodore Moiras
 and runs in today's shape since 1997 in the owned plant
 in Mandra of Attica.

Activities - Products
Steel Construction Products
  • Structures of mechanical works
  • Steel construction, piping, pressing vessels etc.
  • Mixed mechanical and metallic loudy constructions
  • Bridge cranes

    Highway Steel Construction Products
  • Highway Steel guardrails
  • Bridges parapets
  • Pedestrian safety parapets
  • Sign supports (galvanized steel posts)
  • Sign bridges (galvanized steel gantries)
  • Lighting poles telescopic type


    Industrial Plant
    METALLODOMI - A. MOIRA S.A. company has owned an industrial plant area of 4.000 sq.m. in Mandra at 24th km. in New National Road Athens - Korinth.
    The mechanical equipment of Industrial Unit is contemporary and includes mechanical machine fro heavy metal construction process, full production lines of highway steel construction products (steel beam guardrails, steel posts and spacers, sign supports and lattice-type posts, sign bridges etc.), as well as full hot dip galvanization unit.

  •   4 Vas. Mira, 196 00 Mandra Attiki, tel.: 210 5551555, 210 5559555, fax: 210 5559070