Our fabrication team undertakes the task of taking a steel structure from designed concept to manufactured reality. Fabrication has been at the heart of our activity since our business was founded in 1958. Through a combination of manual technical expertise and use of automation we have optimised our steel fabrication processes, achieving efficient, cost-effective production solutions and short lead times. In city centre construction sites, our fabrication team schedules production on a just-in-time basis, so that deliveries sync with site erection sequence and contemporary fast-track construction methods. Our company is among the preferred steelwork subcontractors to several major Greek construction companies.
We have the capacity to deliver large scale projects, high-volume batch work and intricate structures with bespoke designs within demanding delivery programmes. We can process all types of structural steel sections including beams, channels, hollow sections, angles and bars. We can cut, drill, bend, shape, assemble, weld and paint steel components, handling from lightweight up to large and heavy sections. We have a manufacturing capacity of 2.500 tons of steel per annum.
Our company owns and operates a manufacturing facility in Mandra, that contains a range of structural steel equipment including sawing machines, drills, guillotines, brake presses, rolls, oxy-fuel and plasma cutters. There are 8 fabrication workshop areas, housing a range of processing functions. We employ a team of skilled platers, fabricators, welders and paint sprayers that can manufacture steelwork to high standards. Our production floor spaces are 50M in length, serviced by 6 overhead cranes and multiple jib cranes. Thanks to the size of our facility, we can perform trial assemblies in our factory in cases of intricate or heavy structures, where we need to ensure that the components fit together.
Our projects are fabricated from electronic data produced by a computer-generated 3D model. The major benefits of using CAD is that it leads to a fast and accurate production of steel compartments, minimizing fabrication errors, repairs and, in turn, material degradation. We strive to have our fabrication procedures qualified and to be industry recognised, so that our clients may have the utmost trust in our work. We are compliant with ISO 9001 on Quality Management, EN 1090 Execution Class 3 for our steel products CE Marking. Because of the nature of the sectors we serve, once completed, all fabricated steelwork undergoes a thorough visual and dimensional inspection according to our quality control system, to ensure precision, quality and traceability. As a company with a decades’ long history in the steel industry, we continually seek to challenge ourselves in terms of quality, technological development and progress.
The welding processes that we use include MIG, MAG, MMA, FCAW and stud welding. Our welders are experienced craftsmen, third-party certified to EN ISO 9606-1:2017 on carbon steels. We hold approved welding procedure qualification records and issue weld procedure specifications for the welding work we perform. In order to meet specific project requirements, we can perform new welding procedures. Quality testing on our welding work is carried both internally by our Welding Coordinator and externally by independent testing companies appointed by our clients.
After clearing inspection, each member is placed onto their batch awaiting transfer into our paint shop to receive its protective treatment coating. In order to ensure our structural steel is delivered to site with its quality standards preserved, we have invested in our treatment equipment and capabilities. We coat and paint our steelwork in-house, according to the client’s specification immediately after the fabrication process. Our steel sections have already been shotblasted to SA½ prior to entering our production floor. Subsequently, in our paint shop they receive primer treatments, fire protection coatings or multi-coat paint systems. Thickness of coatings is inspected in accordance with our quality procedures and our paint application process is regularly reviewed. Alternatively, our steelwork can be galvanised in accordance with ISO 1461:2009.
We understand that our clients expect quality, reduced site erection times and cost savings from their steelwork contractor. To that end, we provide a full service delivering the ‘whole package’. We handle the fabrication process ourselves using our own facility, in order to perform steel processing and testing work under controlled conditions and minimise the subcontracting of fabrication services. Both in new buildings and refurbishment/extension projects, where connections are typically made to an existing building, we perform a prefabrication on-site survey to establish levels and dimensions to ensure a precise fit of the final steel structure.