Steel agricultural buildings are used in the arable farming, livestock farming, equestrian and fishing sectors. Typical buildings include barns, grain stores, vegetable stores, hay barns or sheds, livestock sheds, equipment storage buildings, vehicle storage, storage sheds, office buildings, packaging facilities, stables, riding arenas and other auxiliary structures.
As the primary sector became more technologically advanced in developed countries, the mechanisation of farming led agriculture to evolve drastically. In terms of farm infrastructure, steel agricultural buildings gradually replaced structures constructed with traditional building materials mainly due to the numerous advantages they offer. While steel agricultural buildings can be a significant investment, they have proved far more durable alternatives. They can withstand strong winds, heavy snow, earthquakes, lightning, extreme temperatures, termites and ageing, thus requiring less maintenance and freeing up valuable time to get essential work done. They are fast to erect and their structure is such that they offer wide clear roof spans, offering maximum usable space per square meter, without columns interfering and obstructing the movement of agricultural machinery and vehicles in the interior. The client can also opt for an insulated steel building and receive a year-round energy efficient building. We design and model our building so that they can easily be remodelled and expanded at a later time, in case clients deem that they need larger premises or a change of use.
In order to provide the proper necessary advice and expertise to implement an agricultural project from concept to completion, it is important for our company to form close working relationships with our clients. Our steel frame is shot-blasted and painted with protective gloss or matte finish. Cladding and roofing are available in a range of profiles, colours and styles to cover most needs, applications and budgets from corrugated sheets to composite insulated steel panels. We manufacture in-house our flashings and rainwater systems. We supply roller shutter doors, insulated overhead doors and sliding doors. We also fabricate steel personnel doors, cowls and fixed blade louvres. Upon request, mezzanine floors can be added to the structure.
Our aim as a company is to be a one-stop shop and provide our clients with more than just the frame and the shell of the building. We manufacture a range of farm gates, partition fittings, handling and feeding equipment such as circular feeders, feed troughs, hay racks, water troughs and other fittings.