Composite construction has been the most prevalent method of building in the multi-storey sector for nearly twenty years. It has dominated in the low to mid rise commercial and specialty building projects, including retail stores, clinics, schools, offices and car parks.

Steel and concrete both have qualities in which they are strong and qualities in which they are lacking. Composite construction is considered an advanced method of construction because, by joining the two materials together, steel for its response to tension and concrete for its response to compression, the required structural strength and stiffness can be achieved with the most lightweight design and minimum use of materials. In much the same way as with reinforced concrete, in composite construction the steel and concrete work together to support each other and act as a single unit, offering however better speeds of construction. Composite structures are highly efficient structures, with reduced self-weight, reduced foundation requirements and reduced labour costs. Their material economy also makes them highly sustainable.

We undertake installation of the metal decking laid beneath the concrete that acts as the foundation on which the concrete will be laid upon. We offer the supply of a range of decking products, typically trapezoidal and re-entrant, with different cover widths and depts. Finally, we perform both types of stud welding on load bearing beams, both straight to steel and through-deck.