Refurbishment can give an existing building a new lease of life and extend its usage at a lower cost than the construction of a new building.

An existing building might require refurbishment for various reasons. Typical examples include leakages from old cladding and roofing, damage, lack of routine maintenance, change of use, a need to improve the thermal efficiency of the building, the need to improve the aesthetics of the building, wanting to improve the working environment of the occupants, wanting to change the layout configuration to increase floor space, wishing to increase rental income or the market value of a property.

Below are of some typical refurbishment work we undertake:

  • Removal of existing cladding and roofing materials and their replacement with energy efficient materials in a variety of colors and specifications.
  • Installation of elevator steel frames
  • Installation of strengthening structural steelwork (steel jackets, reinforcing plates and girders, support brackets)
  • Installation of GRP roof lights in order to add natural lighting to a building.
  • Construction of mezzanine levels to increase floor space
  • Replacement of damaged rainwater gutters
  • Welding and remedial to work to existing
  • Remodeling or extension of existing steel buildings
  • Adding new floors to increase lettable floor space

Refurbishments usually require a higher degree of accuracy, since steel assemblies are fitted into existing steel frame or reinforced concrete frame buildings. All of the refurbishment work we perform is to the same exacting standards as our new buildings work. Our team understands that most refurbishment projects take place in live environments and makes every effort to conclude all work with minimum disruption to the facility’s day-to-day operations. We offer a free of charge initial appraisal visit, accompanied by our quotation.