Our field of specialisation being the steel frame sector, we cut our teeth in the fabrication of steel frame buildings, secondary metalwork, as well as general fabrication services. Since our fabrication knowledge and methodology is transferable across a number of industries, we have naturally been led to other sectors such as marine, civil and infrastructure, energy and renewables, water and rail. From our founding to the present day, we continually seek to challenge ourselves and expand our range of offered products. Our breadth of experience and ‘can do’ attitude enable us to overcome technical obstacles we encounter in new projects.

Working to the quality specifications demanded by each industry, we have successfully manufactured a range of products such as highway gantries, road and foot bridges of varying spans, cantilever traffic sign bridges, pressure vessel frames, pipe and cable racks, ladders, stairs, masts, access platforms, tower structures, ancillary steelwork and bespoke engineering fabrications both for end users and for suppliers. Our structural steel fabrications are CE marked to Execution Class 3 and can be rigorously tested with a trial assembly at our factory, giving an opportunity to the entire client chain to come together and collaboratively review and solve any unforeseen design issues. At our facility, we can handle individual assemblies up to 20T. Due to our central location, we can promptly respond to a breakdown situation with a replacement structure.