Our people are among the steel industry’s finest. We employ a dynamic team of professionals which includes engineers, estimators, draughtsmen, fabricators, surveyors, site erectors, safety officers, foremen, directors, administration staff and more. Our welders are experienced craftsmen, third-party certified to EN ISO 9606-1:2017 on carbon steels. Our employees’ technical competence in any specialization is as important as the next in ensuring the team manages to function efficiently.
Our company’s structure consists of seven operating units, each responsible for a different sector. Our aim is to manage to form a collectively harmonious team, where each individual performs the role that is best suited to his or her temperament and character. Our company aspires to cultivate interactions between all its members that are characterised by a high level of ethics. The manner in which employees conduct themselves with fellow employees, customers and collaborators ought to be denoted by good intentions and a willingness to share the acquired technical expertise between units.
Our integrated design, production, erection and management teams work tirelessly to ensure that every project is handled to the highest standards. Our attitude towards quality defines how we do business. Our contractors, consultants and external collaborators are working on our behalf as our agents and are required to act consistently with our quality approach.
Thanks to the professionalism and dedication of our workforce, our business has managed to overcome challenges and testing times in the span of many decades and defend its strong position in the market. The key element to our stability and development is the commitment of our company to form close working relationships with all its members, as well as to treat them with respect and appreciate their ethos. Nothing honours us more than the fact that so many of our people have chosen to work with us for many consecutive years.