METALLODOMI A.MOIRA ABETE is a steelwork construction company based in Mandra, Attica specialised in steel frame buildings and steel constructions. Thanks to our 60-year presence in the industry, the manufacturing capabilities of our facilities and the technical expertise of our team, our company has been established in the construction market offering full envelope solutions which cover the design, the fabrication and the erection. We specialise in the implementation of steel frame buildings and MOD (Manufactured on Demand) steel structures entirely adjusted to the needs and the technical requirements of our clients, as well as to the spatial restrictions of the installation site. We carry out a wide range of projects from small scale lightweight steel structures to multi-storey steel frame buildings and large steel structures. Regardless of the size and the nature of a project, our company can offer competitive solutions for steel buildings and structures in the industrial, commercial, agricultural, residential and specialty sectors. Because of our central location in West Attica we are ideally located to serve the construction demand in the Attica basin and in central Greece in an agile and prompt manner. However, utilising our network of partners and contractors, we can undertake the erection of a structure in any part of Greece.
Steel frame buildings
Steel structures (Markets we serve)
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Agricultural
  • Specialty
  • Residential
  • Road Construction
  • Marine
  • Waterworks
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  • Rail
  • Special Projects
We have a long and proud history in steel fabrication. We are a family-owned business with a continuous presence in steel industry for more than 60 years. Our business activity started in 1958 when Theodoros Moiras founded a small machining shop in Konstantinoupoleos St in the centre of Athens which specialised in surfacing and hardfacing. During the post-war period there was a boom in the steel construction industry, which gradually led our activity to more integrated small-scale fabrications. In 1970 our business relocated to new headquarters on Iera Odos St, where manufacturing was focused on the industrial production and the galvanisation of steel road safety barriers. In 1982 Antigoni Moira, Theodoros daughter, joined the company. During the 1980s, the company started undertaking civil engineering projects. In 1991 the company was in need of larger facilities and in turn relocated to its current base in Mandra, West Attica on the 24th km of the National road 8 (ΕΟ8). In 2007, Konstantinos Diamantogiannis took on the Managing Director position of the company. In the span of the past 20 years, we have implemented numerous construction projects and installations.

Our business may have evolved and expanded over the course of years but, our core values remain steady and unfaltering since the time its foundations were laid back in the 1950s. Now as then we remain a family-owned business, which has five core values as guides when it comes to decision making.

Safety comes first and foremost. We operate in an industry that entails workplace risks both within the manufacturing facilities and on the construction sites. The fundamental principle of our company is that ‘Everyone returns back to their homes and families, safe and healthy every single day’.

Quality forms the basis on which all our technical decisions are made. In the 60-year span we have been active; we are continually challenged to evolve in order to be in a position to live up to accretive quality requirements. In the engineering field, acclaim is typically achieved through acquiring and subsequently applying a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise over the course of years.

Our following core value is to always strive for a good reputation in our field of expertise. In order to achieve and maintain a solid position, we work hard to responsibly undertake projects of high standards and follow through, safely, on-time and within budget.

Next up comes teamwork. Prerequisite of a stable and healthy collaboration is for each member of the team to be permeated by diligence, reliability and prudence. Hence, companies are responsible for continually monitoring their team in order to achieve exemplary co-operation both with the company and in the interaction with our client base, our suppliers, consultants and contractors.

Last but not least, comes corporate responsibility concludes our value system. Modern times come with new challenges, however as a decades-old company we retain some old-fashioned principles. Perhaps the most important among them is to always keep our word and our end of a deal. Our aim is to offer a satisfactory level of service to our clients, covering all their needs. Occasional unforeseen technical faults or imperfections are amended and restored so that the end result is always the one agreed on.

Our integrity and adherence to our values constitute the cornerstone of forming fresh strong partnerships and maintaining lasting relationships with our collaborators. The fact that a significant number of people among our workforce, our clients, our suppliers and our contractors choose to work with us for many years on end honours us deeply. These people are the validation and the most concrete representation of our corporate culture.