The power generation sector is presently going through a major global overhaul, with the core aim being the efficiency improvement of existing coal, oil, gas fired and biomass power plants. Furthermore, significant investments are being made in renewables such as wind, solar, wave and tidal energy and nuclear power. Adding to the energy sector overhaul construction needs, is the essential national maintenance programme which ensures our networks remain reliable to provide the supply of energy to our homes and businesses for the coming years. Refurbishment works are being carried out on multiple sub-stations.

Our company can supply the energy sector with a wide range of steel products including steel OLE gantries, masts, small parts steelwork (SPS), tower structures and frames for the transmission and distribution industry, bespoke steel components for the subsea and offshore industry, storage tanks and piping racks for the oil and gas industry and steel mounting systems for photovoltaic solar farms.